Hey, I'm Nate.

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    Dec 2, 2016
  1. Nate

    Nate Highly Experienced Server Manager and Maintainer

    Minecraft accounts: ObeyMe InvalidCommand
    Aye, I'm Nate, an older McSell member that has returned from the dead. As you can tell from my title and signature, I am a Professional and Highly Experienced Server Manager, Maintainer, and Developer, working since 2012, I've worked with big servers such as GizmoServers, The Ingot Network, and Asgard Ascension, three very successful servers I have managed, maintained and developed for.

    I do just about everything from Professional Website Development (Creation and Maintaining with Xenforo and Enjin), Professional Server Creation, Professional Plugin Management and Configuration (based on server format and color scheme), Professional Community and Staff Management, Server Administration, Server Hosting, TeamSpeak Creation and Maintaining, Domains, PuTTY, PHP, to Java and JavaScript, basically just about anything but designing/graphics and Linux.

    I've decided to join this community as it's fairly rare to find a good, non-toxic community/staff team when it comes to Minecraft sales, and to sell/offer work and do business occasionally.

    Thanks for reading