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These rules should be followed by everyone in the community, to make the marketplace a better forum:

1.) No thread thrashing. This means don't post anything with the purpose of ruining sales or reputation, if you have a issue or were scammed open a report.

2.) Once you create a contest & or giveaway thread, you guarantee you will provide the winner their item(s). Failure to do so may result in a valid scam report

3.) If you place a bid it must be honored. If you fail to pay for your item within a timely manner (bids have an expiry date of 4 days after being put or by what the auctioneer proposes) a valid scam report may be opened. Some exceptions may be made on a case to case bases by the Scam Resolver

4.) False accusations will not be tolerated. If you accuse another member of scamming without sufficient proof you may be warned for harassment.

5.) Don't abuse reputations, abusing reputations are a big problem. Reputations are what influence and manage this marketplace, and abusing it will result in warning points.

6.) In order for a scam report to be valid BOTH parties must be a member of MCSell PRIOR to the scam. If you register after the scam and try to open a report, it will be declined

7.) Please do not post any crackers or checkers on our site. We understand account are cracked a majority of the time, but as a Minecraft community we ethically can't condone crackers or checkers. With that being said you are free to sell Minecraft accounts on our site still

8.) Do not advertise other forums site’s links, and or attempt to get current members of MCSell to sign up elsewhere, this is not allowed and may result in up to a permanent ban.

9.) Thread hijacking is not allowed, please create your own thread if you are trying to get clients. (Thread-hijacking is defined as a post that is intended to redirect a user from the current service/product provider's thread to another the sales thread of the user who posted, this includes suggesting users to click links in signatures for redirection of sales)

10.) Please do not disrespect staff or cause issues on the forums. Doing so may result in warning points or a ban

11.) Do not make multiple accounts. We will ban the newest account and your primary will receive warning points.

12.) While we allow cussing, we ask you keep it mature and at a minimum. Excessive cursing may result in warning points or kicks or bans.

13.) Be decent to each other, if you have a issue with someone bring it up to staff, don't start fights.

14.) MCSell will not uphold personal ToS or your business ToS, that being said we will give you a chance to replace the item(s) please refer to the MCSell Scam report manual in the scam reports section for what is covered and what is not, suggestions can be made in the suggestion sub-forum.

15.) MCSell will not cover scam reports for sales of illegal items. Such as crackers, checkers, bank accounts or PayPal accounts. We will cover Minecraft Accounts, steam accounts ect… This is the decision of the scam resolver.

16.) No DDoS threats or Dox threats are allowed and are punishable by up to a 30 day ban

17.) Doxing & or DDoSing is punishable with up to a lifetime ban (Obtaining info regardless of publishing or not is considered doxing)

18.) MCSell Staff has the right to edit, move or remove any thread, post or message deemed unfit for MCSell, if you have a question on why your thread was removed you may contact a staff member privately, staff members are expected to reply shortly to deal with frustration.

19.) MCSell Staff has the right to kick, ban, edit or change a user account for any reason deemed fit, with proper notification and reasoning for their ban.

20.) No creating multiple MCSell accounts, no selling MCSell accounts and or no giving away MCSell Accounts. Failure to comply will result in warning points on your main account and all Alts banned. Selling will result in said account being banned.

21.) No Necroposting and or off topic positing. This can result in points

21.) No advertising other forums in anyway, this included in sticky threads or banners, if its found it will be removed without refund (added 1/1/17)

Note: These are just general guidelines, we look at each situation and make a decision based on what is presented. Additionally, although these rules apply to shoutbox, shoutbox does have its own set of rules, you can see those by click “rules” inside the shoutbox.


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