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Chatbox Rules:

  • - No advertising external links in the chatbox, only thread and profile links are allowed. Please limit advertising to once every 15 mins, and one post per page in SB"

  • - Automation of shoutbox advertisements is not allowed.

  • - No excessive cursing, or toxicity, you are allowed to speak freely but if you constantly curse you will get a warning.

  • - No spamming the chatbox.

  • - No arguing with staff over public chat.

  • - No bullying/flaming others.

  • - No asking or begging for money or donations

  • - For the sake of a good time, keep controversial topics out of SB. (This includes forums related or RL)

  • - English only in SB

Violation of the above rules will lead in warning, kick, or even ban. Warnings do not expire for at-least 3 months


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